Our success depends on how well we serve our international students. Your feedback helps us to deliver the best possible service – something we work to improve every day. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey and give us your opinion of the services you received as an international student at CSM. We encourage you to give us your comments and suggestions. All survey responses are strictly confidential.


1. Please indicate your CSM enrollment status this semester:
2. What is your current housing situation?
3. How do you feel about the price/rent of the place you are living in now?
4. How would you describe your relationship with the people you are living with (e.g., roommate, host family, etc.)?
5. How would you describe the living environment of your current housing situation?
6. How long did it take you to find your current housing?
7. Please indicate your mode(s) of transportation to CSM? (Check ALL that apply)
8. If you drive a car, do you think there are sufficient student parking spaces conveniently available at CSM?
Please comment:
9. If you ride the bus, are you satisfied with the current bus schedule?
Please comment:
10. What are your educational goals while studying at CSM? (Please check all that apply)
11. If you plan to transfer to a university, please list where you are planning to transfer (e.g., UC Berkeley):
12. How long do you expect to study at CSM to reach your educational goal?
13. Did you receive useful information in the CRER 105--"College Planning" class?
Please comment on the course:
14. Did you receive useful information at the "College Counseling Focus Group Workshop"?
Please comment:
15. Do you think you clearly understand your immigration responsibilities and the rules and regulations of being an F-1 student in the United States?
Please comment:
16. How would you rate the services you received from CSM’s International Student Center staff?
Please comment:
17. Based upon your experience and observation at CSM, please indicate the extent to which you agree with the following statements:
Agree StronglyAgreeDisagreeDisagree Strongly
CSM professors and staff are supportive of my background and values
Other students at CSM are respectful of my background and values
I like the CSM campus and feel comfortable here
It has been easy for me to meet and get to know local US students on campus
I would like to get to know more local US students
18. What international student services at CSM do you find most useful?
Please comment:
19. What additional international student services do you wish CSM could provide?
Please comment:
20. Would you recommend the CSM International Student Program to others?
Please comment:
Complete the International Student Survey by February 7th and be entered into a drawing to win a Mini iPad or CSM Bookstore giftcards! Please enter your G NUMBER if you wish to participate in the drawing: