Strong Workforce Program (SWP) Proposal of Funds

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Please complete this form to indicate what resources you will be requesting from the Strong Workforce Program funds. All submissions will be reviewed by the Strong Workforce Tri-Chair prior to approval. 

The Strong Workforce Tri-Chair membership consists of:

  • Dean of Business, Design, and Workforce Division
  • Academic Senate CTE Faculty Liaison
  • Director of Workforce Development

All requests will be responded to within two weeks from submission unless there is significant reason, in which case the approval will take longer (e.g. winter recess). This will especially be the case if there are programmatic changes requiring labor market data or other unforeseen information is needed to help inform the Tri-Chair’s decision. If it will take longer to two weeks for approval, the submitter will be notified.

Projects not initially approved may be appealed.

For more information on the Strong Workforce Program please click here.

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