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Evaluate one article or webpage by providing the following information about each:
1. Title of the web page or article; if it is a web page, also include the URL (link).
2. Who is the author? What is his/her background and/or point-of-view?

What education or experience do they have that is related to the topic of the page?

Is he/she credible? (If there are multiple authors, just check the first author)
3. a. If it is a web page, what is the name of the website or organization that the page is part of?
If it is an article, what is the name of the publication (magazine, journal or newspaper)?

Is it a non-profit organization, a magazine, newspaper, academic journal, governmental organization, educational institution, professional organization or a commercial website? 
3. b. What is the purpose and/or point-of-view of the publication, organization or website? 
(Do not describe the purpose and/or point-of-view of the specific page or article.)

4. Does the text show depth of research, does it contain documentation or support for the information provided or is it purely an opinion piece? Explain.
5. Would this be a good source to use for your research paper for this class?